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"The spirit of the true nurse is one of the most beautiful gift of a bountiful creator … is made up of…courage,…love of truth with the accompanying characteristics of frankness, fidelity and sincerity , kindness, tolerance, courtesy, generosity, compassion, sympathy and benevolence…

Mary May Roberts

Genesis of Military Nursing Service In India

 1. The reformation brought in the field of nursing by Florence Nightingale had resulted in a change in the outlook of nursing in India. A need was felt for professional nursing care for the British troops, which led to the establishment of Army Nursing Services in 1881 in Britain, subsequently, the Military Nursing Service in India started in March 1888, when the first batch of British Army Nurses arrived in India to serve in the hospitals for British troops. The nursing service was designated the Indian Army Nursing Service (IANS) in 1896. In 1902, Queen Alexandra became the first president of the British Army Nursing Service in United Kingdom and a year later IANS was converted into Queen Alexandra’s Military Nursing for India (QAMNS).

  1. During the First World War, dire need of nursing care for Indian soldiers was recognized and a Temporary Indian Nursing Service (TINS) was started in 1914.

Indian Military Nursing Service

  1. On 01st October 1926, it was decided to have a permanent nursing service in the Indian Army and the nursing service for Indian troop hospitals came into being with a total number of 55 nurses. In 1927, the designation of the Nursing Service for Indian troop hospital was changed to Indian Military Nursing Service .With the outbreak of World war II in 1939, 313 nurses were sanctioned for the nursing services for the British Army stationed in India, including 55 nurses of the Indian Military Nursing Service.

Military Nursing Service

  1. By an ordinance No.XXX issued on 15th September 1943, the Indian Military Nursing Service was raised as part of the Armed Forces union and for service with Indian Military forces which was designated as Military Nursing Service. The members of the service were appointed as Officers (Indian military Nursing Service) by the Central Government by notification in Official Gazette.
  2. On 15th August 1947, India was declared independent. Colonel Mrs. D G Howard, an Indian Nursing Officer, was appointed first Chief Principal Matron of Military Nursing Service on 13th September 1947. Maj Gen G.A Ram, PVSM, was the first lady to attain the rank of Major General in Military Nursing Service as the Director of Nursing Service in the year 1976.
  3. The Nursing Officers of Military Nursing Service render yeoman service to the country at all times, looking after the soldiers and their families in the tri service hospitals-Army, Navy and Air Force and also at the times of disaster, national crisis, war and terrorism. The highly skilled specialized Nursing Officers move in tandem with specialized care being offered in various multispecialty hospitals and have contributed greatly to the quick recovery and optimal wellness of their patients by providing care with compassion imbibing preventive, promotive and rehabilitative care aspects. The motto of MNS is "Service with smile”.

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